Saturday, August 24, 2013

Top 40 Grammar Pet Peeves

Here is the list of the Top 40 Grammar Pet Peeves that irritate educated professionals.

Learn what's wrong, what's write, and the grammar tips to avoid these common grammatical mistakes.

By Mark Pennington, MA Reading Specialist

1. Dangling Modifiers

Incorrect-Tossed high into the sky, the dog caught the Frisbee.

Correct-The dog caught the Frisbee, which had been tossed high into the sky.

Tip: Keep modifiers close to the words that they describe to avoid dangling modifiers.

2. Modals

Incorrect-I should of known that they could of gone yesterday.

Correct-I should have known that they could have gone yesterday.

Tip: The modals would, could, should, must, might, may are never combined with of.

3. Modifiers

Incorrect-That student is not feeling good.

Correct-That student is not feeling well.

Tip: Don’t use adjectives, e.g., good, in place of adverbs, e.g., well. Usually follow “_ing” with well, not good.

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