Self-Study Programs

 Supervised Self-Study ESL English Language Programs

Everyone has used a self-study program to learn. A self-study program can be part of an overall program or the entire method of study. A self-study program can be by yourself - with a partner or even a small group.

Self-study is very successful with subjects or skills that require lots of practice or lots of repetions or repetitions with small variations.

Music, sports and languages can all be learned and practiced using periods of self-study to practice and perfect the knowledge the skills and the variations.

Schools do not like Self-Study Programs

Think about it. Most NEWsports, music and language lessons take from 30 to 60 minutes. Then the student has to practice for 2 to 5 hours to integrate and perfect the new skills and knowledge.

If students only attended class for 30 to 60 minutes every day the ESL English schools would be broke. The English schools have to charge students for the 30 to 60 minutes of new information and the five hours of practice to pay for their expensive rent and flashy advertising.

Schools do not like Self-Study Programs because they can not make any money from them.

Why Start a Self-Study Program

Most schools charge from $850 to $1500 a month for a typical 100 hour ESL English language class program. Students learn new information for about 20 minutes and then practice or repeat information for the remaining period.

Students can join a supervised ESL English language self-study program with an excellent qualified and experienced self-study coach for about $400. for a month program.

Most schools use standard general information books and students can be completely bored by the content.

An excellent qualified and experienced self-study coach can suggest how interesting topics and content can be used to study the English language. Students are not bored.

An excellent qualified and experienced self-study coach can suggest free classes and language exchanges, free work placements for practice and free study resources available in the community.

How to Design a Self-Study Programs

First decide - what parts are you going to study alone and what parts with a partner or with a small group and what parts with your supervising tutor.

Second decide - what books, websites, TV shows, CD's, videos, workbooks to study with.

Third decide - will you self-test as you learn or use a tutor to test or use the standardized tests of English language proficiency.

Fourth decide - how to practice - language exchange - small peer groups - free classes.

How to Study English Recommendations

The official ESL in Canada study recommendation for new Canadians or ESL English students over the age of 20 is to study English as a second language with a professional ESL English tutor.

The best ESL schools in Canada put 10 to 14 ESL students into a class at $10 to 15 dollars each per hour. The ESL English students are paying $10 to $15 for 4 to 6 minutes of individual participation time in these ESL English classes. The bad ESL English schools put 15 to 25 students into classes with no individual time for students.

Excellent ESL English tutors can be hired for 60 minutes of individual study time to participate, correct English pronunciation, correct English grammar, explain English vocabulary and improve English language fluency.

During a month program students at an excellent ESL school will get 10 hours of individual participation time while ESL English students of ESL English tutors will get 40 hours of individual participation time for the same price.

Hiring a professional ESL English tutor or ESL English teacher or English language Skills coach for 1 or 2 hours a day is less expensive and creates more ESL English learning and ESL English practice teacher time than any ESL English language school in Canada.

Many ESL students make the mistake of going to an ESL school to meet fellow students or meet new friends. You do not have to pay $1000 a month to meet new friends to study with. You can meet new friends to study with at our FREE ESL Cafe classes.

Do not confuse learning and socializing. You can socialize for free. When you pay for teaching - get the best teachers available.

If you have a best friend or small group of friends who are also learning ESL and at your level - study together with a 2, 3 or 4 for 1 price with the teacher - This will be a better learning environment than any corporate-for-profit English school in the world.

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