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Study ESL English on Twitter

Study ESL English on Twitter

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Welcome to Study ESL English - ESL stands for English as a Second Language - this includes speaking writing listening and reading

ESL students usually study and practice English as a language for communication and to improve their active abilities to use the language.

EFL stands for English as a Foreign Language - Many students study EFL as an academic subject & not for using English for communication

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English Conversation Lessons and Classes Explanations Definitions Examples:

English Language Conversation Skills require language ability + content + (social + non-verbal communication skills) + culture knowledge.

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Phrases are considered as the 2nd level of classification as they tend to be larger than individual words, but are smaller than sentences.

We refer to the central element in a phrase as the head of the phrase. If the head is a noun then the phrase is called a noun phrase

There are 9 accepted classifications for English language phrases generally based on the headword or construction of the phrase.

In the English language noun phrases may serve as subjects, direct objects, indirect objects, or objects of prepositions.

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