Thursday, September 3, 2020

English Idioms using CASH

Cash (noun) is defined as:

1. Money or currency in the form of bills or coins;

2. Liquid assets including bank deposits and marketable securities.

3. Money paid in currency

Cash (verb) is defined as:

1. exchange for cash; "I cashed the CREB check yesterday."

2. liquidate - convert into cash; "I had to liquidate my stocks to pay off my credit card"

3. redeem - convert into cash; ie bonds, GIC's

4. exchange, interchange, change - give to, and receive from, one another;

English idioms that use cash:

cash cow

a cash flow problem

be strapped for cash

become pushed for cash

cash (one's) chips in

cash down

cash flow

cash flow problem

cash in

cash in checks

cash in chips

cash in hand

cash in on (something)

cash in on opportunity

cash in your checks

cash in your chips

cash in your chips

Cash is king

cash market

cash money

cash on delivery

cash on the barrel

cash on the line

cash on the nail

cash only

cash or check

cash or credit

cash out

cash someone out

cash up



cold cash

cold, hard cash

get pushed for cash

hard cash

cash on delivery

pressed for cash

pushed for cash

ready cash

roll in cash

cash on delivery

strapped for cash

take the cash

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