Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Wordle improves Spelling and Vocabulary

 Yes playing word games helps English language learning - bonus is having fun and achieving success.

Wordle is a FREE spelling game using 5 letter words.

Wordle starts with a blank set of boxes which can be filled with one of 5 letters.

You are given only 6 word guesses - non English words are not accepted as  "not in list"

The green colour indicates the correct letter in the correct position.

The tan colour indicates correct letter in the wrong position

The alphabet at the bottom indicates what letters you have used and what remains for you to use.

Here is a picture of 4 completed games:

Wordle keeps stats of the games you have played - you can see how you are doing

Link to Daily Wordle Game

English language students can use dictionaries and glossaries to expand their English language vocabulary when finding words to complete the Wordle game.

Best opening Wordle Words

AUDIO - you use 4 of the five English language vowels

If you do not obtain any correct letters use STYLE as 2nd word

good luck

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