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ESL English as a second language Tutors Teachers and Coaches in Canada

 Excellent ESL English tutors can be hired for 60 minutes of individual study time to participate, correct English pronunciation, correct English grammar, explain English vocabulary and improve English language fluency.

Hiring a professional ESL English tutor or ESL English teacher or English language skills coach for 1 or 2 hours a day is less expensive and creates more ESL English learning and ESL English practice teacher time than any ESL English language school in Canada.

How to Choose a Language Tutor

Picking the best tutor can change your life, give you the first "A" or even a pass for the first time. Picking the best tutor can build confidence to do something for the first time or hone existing skills into excellence.

How to Rank and Choose a Language Tutor

Available tutors can be ranked based on their current status:
high school students
college students,
graduate students
high school teachers,
college teachers,
career workers and skilled workers
regulated professionals
retired workers, teachers or professionals.

Available tutors can be ranked based on their education experience as:
a high school student,
a college student,
a graduate student
as a worker,
as a manager or
as a professional.

Available tutors can be ranked based on their teacher training:
no teacher training,
some workshops or weekend seminars,
beginner 100 hour TESL certificates,
Bachelor of Education Degrees,
Masters of Education Degrees or
Education PHD's

Available tutors can be ranked based on their work experience as a:
executive or

Students should pick the tutor who has the education, theory training, teacher training and work experience that can actually help the student's education goal.

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